Premium Sex Dolls for Men & Women

164cm (5.38ft) Big Chest Silicone Head & Body Sex Doll Elvira FG6

I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot being my first time getting something like this. Exceeded my expectation. There’s no substitute for a real woman but wow this comes close to real feel. It’s very jiggly, it is a bit heavy but what do you expect when there’s that much material used.

164cm (5.38ft) Big Tits Silicone Head & Body Real Love Doll Mirabelle FG6

It came just as it looks in pictures, same dimensions and all. Quality seems great, normal cleaning and powder keeps it smooth and clean. Dimensions and aesthetics are pretty spot on.

Real Affordable Love Dolls

140cm (4.59ft) Big Boobs Super Lifelike Love Doll Jean

Better than the pictures online. For me a small doll is fantastic, economic and easy to hide when I have visitors. And she feels good, looks cute and is easy to maintain with the removable vagina.

140cm (4.59ft) Big Tits Sexy TPE Adult Sex Doll Maki

The doll is very petite and cute. No issues with ordering. Arrived very quickly as well. Doll came packaged securely and well padded with wrapping. Pleased as always.

Lifelike Ebony Sex Dolls

166cm (5.45ft) Big Breasts African American Love Doll Elfreda

This doll is very nice and I am quite satisfied. It is well made. Soft yet durable. Realistic skin tones. Lovely butt. The heftiness can be awkward at first but it makes a big difference! Good value for the price.

166cm (5.45ft) Big Tits Life Size TPE Doll for Sex Magda

Doll was as described in pics. Breast are solid but “very” “very” soft as is the whole body. Great texture front and back. Joints for movement are stiff but helps for positioning. Very pleased with playtime and appears to be durable after first round.

The Best TPE Sex Dolls in 2024

170cm (5.58ft) Big Breasts Realistic Love Doll RC230615 Frederica

The service and production was outstanding she may be the fastest doll to ever arrive from China to me. Having 2 tall busty & bubbly butt dolls with the same body in my bed is like a harem dream come true. Thank you so much for your service.

170cm (5.58ft) Big Chest Life Size Sex Sex Doll RC230614 Bblythe

This doll is awesome and the neck does not swing that much lol. works great, jiggles great, spine move back for and legs do as well. Her weight against my body and flexible positioning is just right for a lonely night!

2024 Hyper Realistic Sex Dolls

165cm ( 5.41ft ) Medium Breast Sex Doll EC19082301 Mao

This doll is really lifelike right down to the feel, both inside and out! The two openings are very tight and very pleasurable with a little lube. It has enough weight to keep it in place while you use it.

158cm ( 5.18ft ) Medium Breast Sex Doll F19110801 Audrey

I can’t believe how real she feels! I love the feel and texture of this product. The detail put into the realism of this product makes it so immersive it’s the perfect replacement for the real thing.